Hello! This is the location and where the Kongo Kingdom is.

Relative Location and landforms
The land of Kongo years ago are now the country of Congo, Zaire, and Angola. It covered a little bit of Congo and Angola, and a large land of Zaire. The Kongo stretched from the Congo River in North to the Loge River in the south, and from the Atlantic Ocean in the west beyond the Kwan go River in the east. The northern part of Kongo’s territory is forested with rain forests. The southern part of Kongo is mainly Savanna grasslands with forests. The soil was very fertile and the primary foods are manioc , rice, peanuts, and bananas.

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This was where Kongo Kingdom is.

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This is the land of Zaire.

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This is the land where Angola is.

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This is the land of Congo.