Ghana reached the highest of its powers in 10th century when Ghana controlled gold and salt trade. Other goods and values passed through Ghana including woolen cloth and luxury items from Europe. Leather goods and slaves were from countries in the South of ghana. Salt trading- salt was really important good and valuable found very great size amount in the desert. A huge trading network was planned to bring salt to Ghana by camel. ?From there it was taken to other Southern farther countries on horseback. Slave- peoplle catured Southern Africans and brought to Ghana to sell as slaves. Arab traders took them across Sahara to sell as servants to rich people in the Mediterranean and near East.


  • Ghana used rivers to travel.
  • Ghana used rivers, because its economy was based on trade and before modern days.
  • Rivers were the quickest way to travel.
  • Ghana people used camels to travel to trade.


  • Ghanaian people transferred goods.
  • Ghanain people traded salt, iron, peacock feathers, fine silk, spices, and other luxury goods.