The land and of "Great Zimbabwe", is rich soil, and trees scattered around the grassy savang. Since "Great Zimbabwe" had rich soil there were a lot of farmers farming next to each other. After awhile it became so occupied then it became a degradation.
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The climate from May - October, was very pleasant and rain. The nights were cool, and the days were warm. The climate from November - April is much more warmer because its during the summer.
The lower area in the Zambezi Valley is much more warmer, more humid, and very little rain at all times.


People living at "Great Zimbabwe" also practiced farming and cattle herding. The did cattle herding most often because the main source of food for "Great Zimbabwe" was fish and the most famous fish was cattle. They normally grow vegetables because "Great Zimbabwe" was known to have very rich soil. After awhile there was a problem with farming because too many people where farming in the same areas so it led to degradation.


The main food found in "Great Zimbabwe" is cattle fish because there are a lot of lakes and rivers there. The simple foods found there are bananas, sweet potatoes, peanuts, cabbage, etc.
The ordinary people in "Great Zimbabwe" normally ate vegetables, and millet, but only in special occasions they ate fish. They more important people or special normally ate fish as their common meal.


The people in "Great Zimbabwe" traded material such as gold and ivory in exchange for imported goods that were highly valved in the interior. The main things that’s they trade was gold nuggets, African tusks for making intricate carved jewellery. They Trade a lot of minerals because "Great Zimbabwe" had a lot of caves and minerals to dig, they traded nickel, iron, tin, silver and copper.
The Zimbabwe trade was joined with the "East African Trading System".


There are 640 species of birds and 17 species of eagles.
There are 131 species of fish.
There are 700 species of spiders.


The Zimbabweans build their shelter and building with stone that’s why "Great Zimbabwe" is called the "Stone House".


They used camels and sometimes they used horses because camels last longer without water and they carried heavier things and more quantity. They used the horses for short distances so they can get to the location in a short period of time.

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