Here on our site, which is about Swahili Trading States you will learn about, the countries where the Swahili people live, their environment, some of their natural resoources, and history ^_^.

Swahili Trading States is actually about the Swahili Trade and where some of the Swahili people traded, before they used to be urban dwellers of trade but since the trade stopped, jobs like fishing, farming has become common to the legendary urban dwellers of trade. The Swahili are people and culture found in the East Of Africa( like...Tanzania) The name Swahili came from an arabic word "Sawahil" which meant coastal dwellers.

The Swahili trade existed WAY...........................back.................. around the time of the ancient egyptians.
The ancient Swahili emerged and became a powerful and popular culture around the 1100s, where they would be found around coastal trading towns, the Swahili were found mostly in Kilwa.
Then trade changed when the Portuguese arrived in the 1498-1502(between those times) and thus the Swahili lost their independence around 1509.The Portuguese were then stopped by the Omani Arabs who later took control of Swahili later around the 1600s. The Arabs also started slave trade and by 1860, about 70,000 people were sold a year in Zanzibar slave markets. By 1900s, Britian and Germany then took control and the people of Kenya and Tanzania were located.