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Background Information - UH.......What's this site about again?

Location - The Location of the Swahili Trading States. Where am I? Waaaah!

Movement - Transportation etc. Move It! Move It!

Human - The Swahili People and Culture. Who are these people? Terrorists?

Region - The Region Swahili is in. Where am I? (Again) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Physical - Physical Land Features of Swahili. Ah! Big Mountain Ahead! It's all your fault!

Environment - The Environment of Swahili. Oh No-! A Lion's Behind Me! Ah!!!

Editors & Authors - The Authors and Editors of STS. I did it! No! I Did It! Liar!

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Original Swahili Trading States Wikispace - Our Original Wikispace. Yaaay!

Bibliography - I think I used that site. Or did I? Yes I think so. Maybe No? Yes? No? Whatever!

* STS is short for 'Swahili Trading States'