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Basic information about Songhai:
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-Songhai was trading states in West Africa during 1400's and 1500's.
-In 15th century, Mali was weakend so Songhai was able to expand its territory.
-In 1465, Sunni Ali Ber becomes emperor of Songhai's emperor of the Songhai Empire. Under him, the empire grows in size and strength.
-Morroccan also attacked Songhai Empire.
-Sunni Ali Ber made Songhai the largest and most powerful in all Sudanese Kingdom.
-Sunni Ali ruled 1464 to 1492. is birthday is unknown but he died in 1492.
-Askia Muhammad was 1st Songhai king out of severals.
-Askia Muhammad died on March 2, 1538, the capital of Songhai, Gao.

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